All Glassware with a GL prefix is sold by the case quantity only. As all GL orders are custom filled, Order delivery is between 60-90 days from date of order. All other non GL glassware and products have a delivery time of 10 days to 2 weeks.

Filtering Flask

Tabulations for easy connections to filter pumps. Heavy walls are graduated on sides with flat bottoms. Neck finished to give excellent fitting for rubber stoppers(not included). Made of high quality borosilicate glass, it can withstand up to 600 degrees C. Filter connection 9mm O.D.

Filtering Flask 1000mlFiltering Flask 1000ml
Filtering Flask 125mlFiltering Flask 125ml
Filtering Flask 250mlFiltering Flask 250ml
Filtering Flask 500mlFiltering Flask 500ml


Made of borosilicate glass, it can withstand up to 600 degrees C. With graduation marks and glass stopper.

Flask 1000mlFlask 1000ml
Flask 100mlFlask 100ml
Flask 250mlFlask 250ml
Flask 25mlFlask 25ml
Flask 500mlFlask 500ml
Flask 50mlFlask 50ml

Flat Bottom Flask

Economically priced flasks for most analytical work. White, permanent etched graduation lines caliberated for designated volumes. Made of borosilicate glass , it can withstand up to 600 degrees C. Flat bottom, short neck with beaded rim.

Flat Bottom Flask 1000mlFlat Bottom Flask 1000ml
Flat Bottom Flask 250mlFlat Bottom Flask 250ml
Flat Bottom Flask 5000mlFlat Bottom Flask 5000ml
Flat Bottom Flask 500mlFlat Bottom Flask 500ml

Erlenmeyer Flask

Recommended for use as titration flasks. Heavy duty tooled top finish, with thick walls, wide mouth, and long tapered outside contour to minimize chipping. With durable white graduations on side. Stoppers not included. Made of borosilicate glass, glass can withstand up to 680 degrees C.

Erlenmeyer Flask 100mlErlenmeyer Flask 100ml
Erlenmeyer Flask 250mlErlenmeyer Flask 250ml
Erlenmeyer Flask 500mlErlenmeyer Flask 500ml

Engler Distilling Flask

Round bottom, vial mouth, with side arm at 75 degree angles located approximately 5 3/8"(137mm) from bottom of flask. Made of high quality borosilicate glass. It can withstand up to 600 degrees C.

Engler Distilling Flask 125mlEngler Distilling Flask 125ml

Measuring Cylinder

Heavy base with pouring lip. Accuracy assured even at lowest graduations. First 10% of volume at bottom is not graduated. Calibrated. Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass. Max. temperature 680 degrees C.

Measuring Cylinder 1000mlMeasuring Cylinder 1000ml
Measuring Cylinder 100mlMeasuring Cylinder 100ml
Measuring Cylinder 250mlMeasuring Cylinder 250ml
Measuring Cylinder 500mlMeasuring Cylinder 500ml
Measuring Cylinder 50mlMeasuring Cylinder 50ml

Media Storage

Made of borosilicate glass, it can withstand up to 600 degrees C. Includes screw on PE plastic lid.

Media Storage 250mlMedia Storage 250ml
Media Storage 500mlMedia Storage 500ml
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