Ultimate Digital Microscope
Ultimate Digital Microscope
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The microscope can be used with the Digital Eyepiece connected to a computer via the USB port (Windows compatible) or with the standard 10X eyepiece (included). TS View software allows you to view live color images from the scope, save them, edit, add text, take video, even email! LED light source now allows you to control the brightness of the light for the best image.

Features a 10X widefield eyepiece with pointer
• 4X, 10X, and 40X achromatic objectives provide magnification from 40X to 400X with either standard or digital eyepiece
• Digital eyepiece/camera, and software feature:
o Built-in 10X lens
o Automatic light contrast and fine focus
o 640 x 480 resolution
o 30mm adapter makes eyepiece suitable for use with other stereo microscopes
o USB port connection
o TS View software compatible with Windows® XP and Vista®

Accessories include:
o Prepared and blank slides
o Slide box
o Cover glass
o Forceps
o Dropper
o Lens paper
o Packed in full color box
Hint: having troubling installing the camera on the scope? Don't unscrew the eyepiece. Look on the underside of the eyetube for a tiny screw and loosen it with a small straight head (eyeglasses type) screwdriver. The eyepiece should then just slide out of the tube allowing you to insert the digital camera attachment.

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