At Glass Laboratory, we place paramount importance on providing top of the line products. We have taken great strides to ensure the highest standards in laboratory equipment for medical, scientific, and educational work. We strive to provide top quality scientific and medical glassware and accessories so that we know our customers receive the best products available.

We offer special discounts for schools and other learning facilities, so contact us for more information.

Browse the categories and subcategories below to view the products we have to offer. If you have any questions, or if you are interested in learning more about our products, please contact us.

Glassware    All glassware with a GL prefix is sold by the case quantity. For smaller quantities of glassware, please contact us beforehand and we can check availablity. As all GL case orders are custom filled, Order delivery is between 60-90 days from date of order. All other non GL glassware and products have a delivery time of 10 days to 2 weeks.


Beakers   Flasks   Funnels   Pipette & Test Tubes   Stain Dishes, Glass Droppers  Misc. Glassware


Tabletop Equipment


Centrifuges   Hot Plates   Tabletop Equipment   Slide Warmers   Tissue Floating Bath   Water Baths   Misc. Equipment



Laboratory Disposables


Blades & Lancets   Microscope Slides   Plastic Products   Slide Storage   Wood Products  



Science Supplies


Alcohol Lamps   Brushes   Clamps   Lab Thermometers   Laboratory Porcelainware   Miscellaneous   Plastic Beakers & Cylinders   Test Tube Racks   Wire Gauzes 



 MicroscopesPremiere┬« Hobby, Educational, and Professional Microscopes


Accessories   Advanced Microscopes   Camera Eyepieces   Dual View Microscopes  Medical & Research Microscopes   Professional Microscopes   Stereo Microscopes   Stereo Zoom Microscopes   Student Microscopes   Hobby Microscopes   Triocular Microscopes


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