Blades & Lancets

Scalpel Blades

Premier Blades are made of high carbon steel, individually foil wrapped and sterilized by gamma radiation. Exceptionally strong and uniformly sharp.

Scalpel BladesScalpel Blades

Stainless Steel Scalpel Handles

#3 Handle accepts Blade #10, 11, 12, 15. #4 Handle accepts Blade #20 through 25

#3 Stainless Steel Scalpel Handle#3 Stainless Steel Scalpel Handle
#4 Stainless Steel Scalpel Handle#4 Stainless Steel Scalpel Handle

Disposable Scalpels

High carbon steel blade is mounted on plastic handle. Individually foil wrapped and sterilized by gamma radiation.

Disposable ScalpelsDisposable Scalpels

Blood Lancets

Stainless steel, sterile, individually wrapped.

Blood Lancets - 200 pcsBlood Lancets - 200 pcs
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