Microscope Slides

Plain & Frosted Slides

Our popular line of Premire® brand slides are made of corrosion resistant glass with smooth polished edges. Precleaned and suitable for all medical applications at economical prices. 75 x 25mm (3" x 1") approximately 1mm thick. Made in accordance with international standard ISO 8037/1 and to the IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) Medical Devices Directive 98/79/EC. Come in Plain, Single frosted, one end, one side or Double frosted, one end, both sides.

Plain SlidesPlain Slides
Single Frosted Slides (one end, one side)Single Frosted Slides (one end, one side)

Premium Slides

New Premium grade microscope slides provide consistent results for all laboratory tests. The edges are also finely polished to produce high-quality smears, and clipped corners make them easy and safe to handle. Color coated slides resist common laboratory solutions. Premiere® name printed on each slide indicates frosted side.

Charged Slides

Special Adhesive formula coated on color slides, also known as "Positively Charged", allows specimen to adhere to slide easily, saving time and money in lab procedures. Effective with all standard common laboratory solutions.

Charged SlidesCharged Slides

Beveled Edge Slides

Precleaned and suitable for most medical or research laboratory tests, these bevel edged slides are made of water white glass and have clipped corners (1mm). 75 x 25mm (3" x 1") and approximately 1mm thick. Come Plain, Single frosted, one end, one side, or double frosted, one end, both sides.

Large Slides

3" x 2" Plain slides with ground edges.

Large SlidesLarge Slides

Concavity Slides

Concavity slides are 1.2-1.3mm thick with one or two 15mm diameter wells approximately 0.5mm deep.  

Microscope Cover Glass

Each ounce individually vacuum packed in foil for extended shelf life. 100 pieces per pkg, 10 pkgs per box. #1 thickness.

18 x 18mm Microscope Cover Glass18 x 18mm Microscope Cover Glass
22 X 22mm Microscope Cover Glass22 X 22mm Microscope Cover Glass
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