Misc. Equipment

Paraffin Dispenser

Large Capacity Tabletop Style Dispenser. Unit has industrial metal outer shell that guarantees decades of long life. Built in temperature controller ande an improved metal faucet tolerates heat. Durable stainless steel interior is easy to clean. Temperature maximum of 72 degrees C, +/- 2 degrees C.

Paraffin DispenserParaffin Dispenser


This shaker is widely used in the biological, medical, and chemical laboratories. The shaker has turn dial adjustment control to provide a smooth circular shaking motion.

Microtome Accessories

Quality, economical accessories to fit standard microtomes for general laboratory use.

Portable Refractometer

Designed for both Veterinary and Medical use. This unit provides quick and accurate indication of vital fluid levels. The Triple scale reads: Urine Specific Gravity, Total Serum Protein, and Refractive Index. Refractometer equipped with ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation).

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