Misc. Glassware
All Glassware with a GL prefix is sold by the case quantity only. As all GL orders are custom filled, Order delivery is between 60-90 days from date of order. All other non GL glassware and products have a delivery time of 10 days to 2 weeks.

Glass Beads

Solid 5mm water white glass beads used most often as an inert boiling stone and used to pack distillation tubes. Packed by weight, 25 grams per pack, 19 packs per box equals approximately 1 pound. 10 boxes per case.

Glass Stirring Rods

Used in all science laboratories to stir/mix substances. 5mm glass rods in three lengths. Sold per dozen. 50 dozen per case.

POLICEMAN for Glass Rods

Rubber cover fits 5mm rods (above). The sealed end is cut at an angle to help stir at the bottom of a container. Sold per dozen, 50 dozen per case.

Petri Dish

Disposable glass accomodates deeper media fills for longer culture periods. Use for fungal cultures and plant propagation. Made of borosilicate glass. 100mm diameter, 20mm high.

Petri DishPetri Dish

Distilling Apparatus w/ Graham Condenser

Made of high quality borosilicate glass. It can withstand up to 600 degrees C. This instrument is suitable for pure water distillation and other kinds of distillation in the laboratory. Flask capacity: 1000ml; 200mm condenser.

Distilling Apparatus w/ Graham CondenserDistilling Apparatus w/ Graham Condenser

Graham Condenser

Has both inner and outer joints. For use in vacuum distillation. Jacket sealed to inner tube. Drip tip at end. Hose connections are 10mm O.D. Top opening diameter 29mm. Made of high quality borosilicate glass, it can withstand up to 600 degrees C.

Graham Condenser 200mmGraham Condenser 200mm


Made of high quality soda lime glass. The products enclose a porcelain plate which can hold the dessicant. The dessicant can absorb the water. Sizes refer to the inside diameter by total height.

Dessicator 150 x 220mmDessicator 150 x 220mm
Dessicator 210 x 320mmDessicator 210 x 320mm
Dessicator 240 x 360mmDessicator 240 x 360mm
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