Pipettes/Test Tubes

All Glassware with a GL prefix is sold by the case quantity only. As all GL orders are custom filled, Order delivery is between 60-90 days from date of order. All other non GL glassware and products have a delivery time of 10 days to 2 weeks.

Pipette, Volumetric

Suitable for sampling a wide range of liquid environments such as pond water or biological fluids for microscopy. Also for general chemical handling avoiding cross contamination. The graduated volume means total capacity.  These really are an essential tool for use within the laboratory environment. Made of solid lime glass.  Max. Temperature 200 degrees C. 

Volumetric Pipette 1mlVolumetric Pipette 1ml
Volumetric Pipette 5mlVolumetric Pipette 5ml
Volumetric Pipette 10mlVolumetric Pipette 10ml
Volumetric Pipette 20mlVolumetric Pipette 20ml
Volumetric Pipette 25mlVolumetric Pipette 25ml

Pipette, Serological

Tough soda lime glass serologial pipets for any laboratory use. Brown graduation markings every 0.1mL with every mL emphasized with a long marking and negative markings to -1mL. The tips are tapered for easier delivery and fire polished for even, reliable flow.

Serological Pipette 10mlSerological Pipette 10ml
Serological Pipette 1mlSerological Pipette 1ml
Serological Pipette 25mlSerological Pipette 25ml
Serological Pipette 5mlSerological Pipette 5ml

Test Tubes

Made of borosilicate glass, these test tubes can withstand up to 600 degrees C. Specific orders can be produced according to customer's request.

Test Tube 10x75mmTest Tube 10x75mm
Test Tube 12x75mmTest Tube 12x75mm
Test Tube 13x100mmTest Tube 13x100mm
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